Pop Quiz is a label for contemporary electronic dance and avant-garde musics and a collective primarily based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan with artists also originating from Regina, Saskatchewan as well as abroad in such places as Richmond, Virginia and Detroit, Michigan.

Pop Quiz has traditionally been a non-profit organization, geared towards sharing the music made with as many interested listeners as possible. With the launch of the new website in 2011, the label is beginning to expand to include donations of appreciation for the artists as well as increased accessibility of the releases and information about the artists.

The aesthetics that Pop Quiz are interested in come from challenging and experimenting with popular culture from a perspective of the underground, avant-garde, club, and rave scenes. The artists embrace a rather radical sampledelic strategy just as much as appreciating the raw beauty of naive expression. After the release of the Pop Quiz 50 compilation, Vaughn has chosen to raise the bar for quality and presentation of the music as well as cover art and is looking towards the future by including works from video artists in the catalogue often collaborating with Pop Quiz music producers. One can expect a variety of intelligent and party-friendly tunes as well as the occasional experimental and noise release to keep things interesting. If this sounds like your philosophy as well, you are welcome to submit to Pop Quiz for a potential future release. Please see the contact page.