Aug 262011

Booji Bomb a.k.a. Jeremy Kiss is a composer, performer and producer from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan previously of the duo, Unikron: On! (Pop Quiz 050, Pop Quiz 054) with Waverace a.k.a. Liam Anthony Hart. Booji Bomb is the very individualist and personal sound of Jeremy Kiss. Endless melodic journeys and experiments create a fun and merry musical romp that makes one dance like a crazy person! A perfect soundtrack for getting in a great mood. Check him out!

01. Barn Burner
02. Indiglo Gruuvo
03. Timetakers Taking Time Taking Time
04. Octiron
05. Oof!
06. Rick & Raoul
07. Dreme Junction
08. Skollton
09. Skellton
10. Skullton

All compositions by Jeremy Kiss.

Cover art by Jon Vaughn.

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