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Finally the much anticipated full length from Clive Sinclair is ready! Truly an electronic tour de force, his works echo a deep appreciation for mid 20th century electronica, 90s IDM, 80s electro and italo, and most of all early 2000s dutch techno/electro a la Bunker and Clone records. Inspired by fragments of his own rediscovered journal, Clive constructs a musical soundtrack for his mind-warping adventures through time, space and technology. Turn it up and enjoy!

01. Hello
02. Field Waves
03. Maths
04. Plantlet
05. Cave Biology
06. Isn’t This Fun?
07. Microscope
08. SSBL3B
09. Misty Situation
10. Oceans
11. Ready, Set, Science!
12. Third Test
13. SSBL1
14. System Breakdown
15. Second Test

All music by Dane “Clive” Sinclair
November 17 2012
Pop Quiz 079

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“Looking through a telescope.” Clive said. “Is a lot like looking through a microscope you know.”

Chester wriggled his whiskers and stared at Clive.

“You have these images that look like life, but they are millions of light years across and contain trillions of stars. I would think that if the formation and death of a galaxy, an event that takes billions of years, were condensed into a 4 minute timescale, it would appear as though an organism were being born.”

Clive sighed as he looked out the lab window.

The room was empty, all aside for Clive’s pet rat, Chester.

“You know Chester.” Said Clive. “We just might make it out of this world after all.”

Clive shrugged, smiled at Chester, then looked back through his microscope, and back into time.

AN army of Cosmic Jet RObots were knocking on Clives door, and things were getting heated.

Luckily Clive has a few tricks up his sleeve….

“Bring it on RObots! You’ll never get me!!”

Clive pulled two silver looking handguns out from beneath his lab coat and pointed them at the door. The steel door thumped back from whatever was behind it.

cLive smiled as the door blew back off it’s hinges and crashed to the floor.
“That’s it?” grunted Clive. “I’m going to enjoy this.” And he started firing.


As FBI agents burst down the front door of Clive’s lab he couldn’t help but think it was the cosmic jet robot that gave him away. He always knew he would regret building the Cosmic Jet Robot…

Clive heard the shuffle of boots just outside the teleporter room as he set the dial to 1971 and jumped inside, making sure to sabotage the machine as he passed through.

Someone spoke and it was a voice Clive would have recognized had he been there.

“OPEN UP CLIVE WE HEAR YOU! This is the end of the road for you my old friend.”

But Clive was gone….

And to who knows where….

Chester sat in the corner, wiggled his whiskers, and smiled.


Looking into the core of the ZX specturm you could see the entire spectrum of life. Clive knew this and he would spend countless nights in the computer lab with it. There was a calming effect it produced… like looking out into an ocean… or a beautiful setting sun….

In 10 hours the core would be destroyed and Clive would be running for his life.

But for now, Clive and the core were safe.
The core sparkled and Clive slipped into a deep slumber.

For now… They were safe…

The year is 2055 and Cosmic Jet Robot is on the loose! The rogue robot and it’s army of robots are slowly destroying the planet.

The world is in chaos.

The future is bleak.

There were stories that Clive Sinclair had once drove back the hordes of robots and defended the planet many decades ago….

But peace can only last for so long….
….Clive had been pronounced dead years ago. Him, along with 39 federal FBI agents had been incinerated when Clive’s laboratory exploded in the early 70’s… But no one never found his body…

“Go now… There are other worlds than these….”
While the world twiddled it’s thumbs and obsessed about the next Planet Earth Idol competition Cosmic Jet Robot and over one million of his loyal robot servants were in the Sahara. They were deep in the middle of the desert…..
…And they were digging.


Clive is in the business of building attack robots.

And with Cosmic Jet RObot and his Jet-Bots in town….

….business is good.

In the past Clive used to build all types of robots. As a child he once built a robot capable of real love. The robot promptly fell in love with Clive’s gamma ray conventional toaster. Clive found this quite humorous but was dumbfounded when the robot started expressing his love to the toaster in the form of song.

Clive still studies the robot to this day.

This is that song…

…A robot love song.

Clive outfits his Jump-Bots with heavy duty shox!

Jump bots! Attack!!!

clive is sad but hopeful, nostalgic and brave



Clive arose from his bed and looked out the window. It was dark and stormy out. The year was 2084 It was just him and Chester these days… but being stuck in the future had its advantages… Clive shook away the temptations.

His mind started to grasp at the dream he had just woken up from but his thoughts were fleeting….something about his old lab… there were many people around.. he did not know who. A girl perhaps?

He started to miss his old Lab and the people in it. It was a woman he once knew.. A long time ago… he remembered… he tried hard to think back… his mind drifted….. his spirit grew…

Chester wiggled his right whisker and seemed to crack a small smile at Clive.

Clive glanced down at Chester, smiled back, and turned over and went to sleep.

And his spirit grew….

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  1. I need to ask you more about this……
    I like Chester!

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