Sep 142012

Form’s third release for Pop Quiz, a full length album with two remixes from his peers Mehta and Dreamaniac, explores and expands beyond the minimal techno aesthetic previously mastered in his past releases, and develops upon what can only be described as psychedelic house music. “Acid Lemon” takes the mind, body and spirit on a wet and dense trip through a tropical musical jungle, where each turn takes the listener and dancer into a more exotic and rare world.

It’s apparent that Will Kaufhold’s strengh as a visionary musician and composer can not be disputed as he continues to rock out tons of shows and parties across Canada while holding down his residency as the strongest and purest live PA on the Pop Quiz team.

01. Mood

02. Acid Lemon

03. Måł

04. Turqoise

05. Laser Cube

06. Mood (Mehta’s Rx)

07. Mood (Dreamaniac’s Formal Mix)

08. Mastadon

All tracks by Will Kaufhold 2012

Remixes by Mehta Valby-Youngs & Jon Vaughn 2012

Download full album with cover art

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