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Form – Form EP [Pop Quiz 052] July 2010

Form debuts five club-ready tracks for Pop Quiz! Roots in post-rock, dub, free jazz and avant-garde classical inform Form’s unique musical sensibilities. Irresistably catchy almost to the point of pop song and still motherfuckin’ dirty underground club shit all the way. Warning: “Cosmic Grave Digger” blows up HARD!! “Word” gives the dancefloor a great straight-to-the-point cool groove that locks in place in your body and doesn’t stop pumping it till the very last drop. The last track “Wra” points a finger in the direction of the future Form, which is mystical and entrancing. Enjoy!

01. Cosmic Grave Digger 4’03”

02. Iku 3’29”

03. Word 5’05”

04. Lolo 4’19”

05. Wra 5’55”

Produced by Will Kaufhold 2009-2010

Artwork/Design by Jon Vaughn

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