Dec 162007

Freude’s unique style of techno music emerges from a cross-referencial inter/discourse between the 90s cheezmo Vengaboys/Aqua/Chris Sheppard PopRave of his upbringing that leaves the imprint of a hard driving trance kick and candycoated humour deeply rooted in the foundations and subtlely-tinging the surface of his tracks, to the early minimal2000s that give his tracks the sense of spaciality, tight riffing composition and ‘clean/refreshing’ feeling (post-rave healing), to the most current trends in house, progressive, techno, minimal and even apparently drum and bass and jungle (liquid rolling), to a newly found interest in 80s house and nrg which can be heard in his eclectic (tropical) drums and rich (retrofuturistic) synths. The most important thing about Freude however is how his truly party jamming tunes rock the soul just as hard as the booty and just as deep in the mind. Sure to be a classic of our times, anthems such as “Faked” and “Born in 91” will burn holes in your memory and follow you around for days and nights, energetically illustrating your life with euphoric magical moments and delightful inspirations,… so rejoice! Freude is here!!! yAY!!! *Blows Rave Whistles* :D!

Freude – Lore & Data [Pop Quiz 048] December 16 2007

Download full album and cover art(zip)

1. Faked 6’49”
2. Abahima 6’09”
3. Vavuvau 5’12”
4. Takin’ Care of Business 4’27”
5. Nooobm 6’28”
6. Born in 91 5’34”
7. Mr. Sub 4’28”
8. Keep Holding Me 4’34”

All tracks by Freude 2007
Cover art by Jon Vaughn

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