Sep 142012

Following up Dreamaniac’s Pop Quiz exclusive mixtape Jolly Jamz is new artist to the Pop Quiz family Helium 3 aka Adam Kirk from Saskatoon, SK. It has been a breakthrough year for Adam, rising from basement EDM-fanatic to one of the most promising young DJs in SK, performing often at Pop Quiz events and frequently Party Jammin’ at house/after parties fostering his credibility in the local scene and designing his musical persona. Adam’s unique style of mixing and programming is surgical and precise, and builds his tracks into each other constructing a masterful socially-conscious architecture for the dancer and listener. Featuring many unreleased tracks by Pop Quiz favourites Mehta, Limbo and Excalibur, “Social Engineering” creates a wonderful space for the Pop Quiz family to prosper!

01. Mehta – Get Them There [Unreleased]

02. JJ – Let Them (Submit Remix) [Pop Quiz 065]

03. Nuthre & Vaughn – Suddenly It’s Spring [Pop Quiz 055]

04. Limbo – Must Destroy the Walls [Pop Quiz 062]

05. Form – Wra [Pop Quiz 052]

06. Excalibur – Os Ex [Unreleased]

07. Mehta – Pop [Unreleased]

08. Submit – Closing In [Pop Quiz 050]

09. Effort – Drunk it Up! [Etagramulfabetz 003]

10. Excalibur – Photosynthesis [Pop Quiz 068]

11. Sublingual – Just Don’t Leave [Pop Quiz 061]

12. Celery – March 17th [Unreleased]

13. Dreamaniac – Braxton Beatz [Pop Quiz 077]

14. Limbo – Lock On [Unreleased]

15. Effort – Bar Fight Ass Whoopin’ [Pop Quiz 053]

16. Mehta – Shwoul [Unreleased]

01. Social Engineering

Mixed and recorded live by Adam Kirk aka Helium 3 August 23, 2012

Album art by Brandon Blommaert

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