Aug 122011

Hot Slander is the defunct project of Rylan Morris (Pop Quiz 047) and Danielle Hotslander. The duo’s brief but powerful existence conjured this epic single and remix album of their track “Desperate 4 U”, an instantly anthemic pop techno masterpiece in its own right. Their presence was so felt on the scene that their single inspired eight very different remixes from their friends, including a few more of their own versions. Pop Quiz is very happy to have saved this gem from being lost in the archives and is happy to have it finally see the light of day! Sing a long now! “I’m So De–” 😉

01. Hot Slander – Desperate 4 U (Original Mix)
02. Hot Slander – Desperate 4 U (Original Extended Mix)
03. Hot Slander-Desperate 4 U-(Y2lhen Radio Edit)
04. Hot Slander-Desperate 4 U-(Y2lhen Extended Mix)
05. Hot Slander-Desperate 4 U-(Freude Extended Mix)
06. Hot Slander-Desperate 4 U-(Freude Club Mix)
07. Hot Slander feat Gnar2D2-Desperate 4 U-(Gnar2D2’s Rap Edition)
08. Hot Slander-Desperate 4 U-(Unikron On La Boogie Du Bouche Mix)
09. Hot Slander-Desperate 4 U-(Krepuskuler Mix)
10. Hot Slander-Desperate 4 U-(Trancer Mix)
11. Hot Slander-Desperate 4 U-(Dizzy Danielle Mix)
12. Hot Slander-Desperate 4 U-(Acapella)
13. Hot Slander-Desperate 4 U-(Demo Instrumental Version)

================DESPERATE 4 U – Lyrics================
– Written by Danielle Holtslander and Rylan Morris –

SPOKEN: Hey you
I remember the first time I saw your face
I was blasted into space!

CHORUS: I’m so desperate for you
I’ve been waiting for so long
Wanna touch you once again
Feels so good it can’t be wrong
You are wearin’ all those things
That I really like to see
Now let me rip them off
I want you to be wit’ me

SPOKEN: I’m talking about you, baby!

VERSE 1: Do you remember when
You first looked me in the eyes?
You’re my double-chocolate shake
And I’m your side of fries
You’re my double-chocolate shake
And I’m your side of FRIES!

PRE-CHORUS: Hey you! Hey you!
I see you lookin’ at me
Come here! Come here!
I’ll give my guarantee
Touch me! Touch Me!
I wanna feel your bodayyyyyyyyyyyy-YEAH!

(Chorus x2)
(vocal stutters)

SPOKEN: Hey babe
When you open your mouth
Stick out your tongue
I see the tonsils of love!

(Chorus, etc…)

SPOKEN: Well, I thought it was love but…
You ain’t never gonna get this!
I’m not desperate for you anymore
Cuz I’m an independent woman!

Hot Slander, 2008 ©

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