Jon Vaughn


Jon Vaughn is an audio and visual artist from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.


As an audio artist, Vaughn plays a number of instruments and electronics, such as no-input mixing board in a duo with internationally acclaimed VJ, Carrie Gates, called J+C Feedback Factory, and guitar, drums and vocals his most recent band VYXSYMS with peers Mehta Youngs and Will Kaufhold. Over the course of the last 15 years, Vaughn has performed, recorded, and improvised with over a 100 musicians from many different backgrounds, including Tim Olive (Osaka, Japan), Aime Dontigny (Ottawa, Ontario), Magali Babin (Montreal, Quebec), Greenmist (American Tapes recording artist formerly of Brighton, UK, now SK-based), and Steven Ross Smith (legendary prairies sound poet and once-friend of the late bp Nichol).

Vaughns musical activities also extend into the realm of label managment, keeping busy with his own Pop Quiz Records that releases homebrewed dance tunes and quirky jams from artists from across Canada and beyond sporting over 50 quality releases.

Vaughn has also produced over 100 of his own albums and dj mixes. Some of his albums can be purchased through labels like No Type (Montreal, Quebec, Canada), Flish (Richmond, Virginia, USA), Kraklisk (Norway) and recently Mash Barz (Moscow, Russia).


Vaughn’s artwork has been featured in the publications Gestrococlub, Good vs. Evil, Turbo Chainsaw, Alkom, Blood Becomes Water, Raw Raw, Get Freaky and many more and his works have been shown in group exhibits in Paris, Rome, London, New York, Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo and in solo exhibits across Canada. Vaughn creates detailed and complex drawings that evoke both fantasy art, minimalism and art brut and dabbles in making collages, installations, graphic designs, and sculptures that fuse the aesthetics and strategies of pop art, arte povera, constructivism and fluxus. After completing a three city tour of Canada with his exhibit “Crypt of Life” in 2012.

Jon Vaughn’s Website

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