Sep 142012

Mehta’s “Absent Trailing” diverges from his trademark house and minimal vibe into the deep end of bass music, incorporating broken rhythms echoing 2step and IDM with frosty melodic landscapes that emerge and disappear in the darkness of a dream-like Antarctic night, transporting the dancer and listener into a realm of haunting beauty and majestic, mysterious structures.

Mehta’s role in Pop Quiz has grown over the years as he has become a leader in the label’s event production and promotion, in addition to mastering most of the recent releases since 2010 and helping shape and increase the overall quality and standards of sound production for the label , having also influenced and mentored his peers in SK and abroad. His music is to be paid a special attention for it’s advanced design and vision.


01. Celdy

02. Stufee

03. Some Polite Steps

All tracks by Mehta Valby-Youngs 2012

Download full album with cover art

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