Aug 262011

Mehta Valby-Youngs returns to Pop Quiz, this time under his own name “Mehta“, showcasing a selection of his current works which have far progressed since the days of “Freude“. After travelling throughout the United States, Russia, Europe and the Middle East, he returns with much experience and knowledge of his craft and the art of electronic dance music. Mostly working within the realms of Minimal House and Techno, Mehta also finds ways to re-invent the genres in subtle yet surprising ways. The joy that Freude bestowed is not gone, as his cheery and satisfying melodies ring true to the heart, and can be carried with you from day to day as a reminder of this joy! Mehta moves!

  1. Deli
  2. Gooe
  3. Pints
  4. Sesh
  5. Fire Chief
  6. Hypnovers

All tracks produced by Mehta Valby-Youngs.

Cover art by Jon Vaughn.

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