Sep 142012

Bennett Dobni of Zombifyus fame debuts his new solo project and first album as Moonbahn. A techno tour de force with five tracks that typically fall just under the 10 minute mark, Moonbahn has created the most dense journey yet on Pop Quiz through techno-composition revealing exciting and new progressions and combinations that delight the imagination as well as the feet of the dancer/listener. Bennett is obviously obsessed with analog synths and organic and eclectic drums and it makes his tracks stand out amongst the milieu of contemporary techno music. “Compmunication” is a visionary and bold expression suitable for any dance floor and original enough to charm the most jaded of heads. Enjoy!

01. Squirm Jim

02. Flavour Metaphors

03. Kindle

04. Take to Thep

05. Compmunication 

All tracks by Bennett Dobni 2012

Album art and design by Jon Vaughn

Download full album and album art

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