Sep 142012

Josh Feldman from Zombifyus fame debuts he solo project and first ep as Mount Olympus, raising the bar for composition and production creating a kind of genre-less/mutant technoid dance music that at once its adventurous and non-traditional and possibly the most accessible and infectious EP the label has had the pleasure to release. Originally from Saskatoon, Josh has recently re-located to Montreal to pursue and expand his musical and artistic career. Keep an ear to the ground to witness the rise of this talented young dude!  Special album artwork by the fascinating artist and designer Evan Vrinten from Saskatoon, SK.

01. Octoplasm Orgasm

02. Moon Unit Ft. Maria Lagimodiere

03. Zodiak Club

All tracks by Josh Feldman 2012

Album art by Evan Vrinten 2012

Download full album with album art

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