Oct 062007


Nuthre’s long awaiting plunderphonic masterpeice finally arrives on the scene, offering his fans an extended trip into cult y2k lore that glistens, sparkles, shines and eventually decays but never forgotten in our hearts, oh no, Mr. Nuthre, we are all one big heart, pumping juicy blood flows together, our dreams circulating throughout a battlefield of culture and encapsulated in a single tear drop penetrating the river of time…

1.  Boy Band  00:34
2. I Velvet  4:31
3. When You Are Doing What You Are Doing  5:29
4. Gracious Some Singers 6:04
5. I Have Everthing  2:48
6. Quoi Quoi Quoi  4:19
7. Fader Junk  3:29
8. Average Choosers  5:46
9. When I get There Im There By My Side  4:13
10. Sure Signals 3:59
11. Stop Watching Television Blast  5:39
12. Selfish  4:57
13. Tourister  2:52
14. BoyFoyer Band  00:59

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