Aug 122011

Long-time Pop Quiz member Nuthre steps out with Pop Quiz label boss Jon Vaughn, with their duo “Nuthre & Vaughn”, known for their releases on the other great labels Panospria, Nishi, and BricoLodge. “Human Torch” is a collection of dance tracks that have been in the works since the first keyboard licks and drum beats where laid down in 2004. Under the influence of such labels as Areal and Substatic, and artists like Ada and M.I.A. (the one from Cologne, DE), Vaughn brought the ideas of loud and simple 44 drums and raw emotional keyboards to Nuthre’s studio one day where they hammered out together for hours, burning away joint after joint. A session which somehow lasted for many years, many albums and releases in-between, but the “Human Torch” collection always in a perpetual state of tweaking and post-production. Eventually after the haze cleared a bit they decided their mini-masterworks were as ready as they ever were going to be for the public’s consumption. So here ya go! Enjoy and smoke em if you got em!
01. Suddenly It’s Spring
02. Suddenly It’s Spring (Nuthre Remix)
03. Going West
04. Human Torch

All tracks produced by Jeff Morton and Jon Vaughn, 2004-2008

Cover art by Jon Vaughn

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