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Control Valve, an online label based out of Eugene, Oregon has released the first album available online by Slime Street (aka Dallas Kruszelnicki & Jon Vaughn), it’s a compilation of three years of live performances the duo was fortunate to have documented. Check it out @ !
Slime Street: Bloody Haze:  Live 2010-2012

1. Slime Street – Depraved Revenge – Live at Sounds Like… Festival, Paved Arts, Saskatoon, SK, July 2012
2. Slime Street – Bloody Haze – Live at the Fainting Goat, Regina, SK, 2011
3. Slime Street – Drill Gun Assault – Live at the Fainting Goat, Regina, SK, 2011
4. Slime Street – Stalking Scum – Live to Tape, Saskatoon, SK, June 2010

Dallas Kruszelnicki (aka Greenmist): modified walkman, tapes, contact mics, effects
Jon Vaughn: no-input mixing board, tapes, contact mics, voice

Track 1 recorded by Minibloc
Track 2-3 recorded by Mark Lowe
Track 4 recorded by Dallas & Jon

Cover art by Joshua Padarathsingh and Jon Vaughn

Special thanks to Jeff Morton, Mark Lowe, Minibloc, David LaRiviere & Paved Arts.

Direct download link:


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