That time you were in that K-Hole transcending space and time whilst having your arm sawed off by a citizen of the hollow earth, Sublingual was capturing your thought waves and translating them into various music based frequencies.

Sublingual is a new electronic project which harnesses influences from the likes of Radiohead, Caribou, James Blake, Mount Kimbie, Burial etc. as well as the whole future garage/future beats crop. Layers of claps,ticks, hats, kicks, snares and things found on a computer desk, mixed with sweeping ambient auras of synths and vocals to hum to or be confused by.

After a long night of too much speed and acid, when you finally have had your last bump of K and are sitting on a couch in a house which is really a space ship orbiting jupiter, you are more than likely to hear Sublingual rocking out to the late night warriors. To those which sleep is not a daily activity.

All songs are composed by, sung on, cut up, beat up, mashed up, delayed up and heat up by Lennie Budgell (Y2lhen, Moon Watcher, ZAOS) from Saskatoon SK.

Sublingual’s first EP ‘Deemster’ is out now on POP QUIZ!!!! records.

Sublingual – Deemster [Pop Quiz 061]

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