If you like what you here on Pop Quiz, and can produce fun and dancy tunes or something very original and charmingly experimental, please send us your work.

Please do not attach audio files to your email, web friendly image files are acceptable.

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  1. I dig the structure of this site. Alot of very inspiring artists, I myself am from Saskabush. I write a variety of different music. Music ranging from various genres..metal,hiphop,electronica/experimental. My solo stuff is more experimental influenced. At the moment I plan to really challenge myself and what I can do as an artist. I’ve played in various saskatoon bands. On my myspace theres a mix of acoustic/folk( ).. slight bit of electronica(the connection). I worked at HMV and while working there I took a keen interest in what sort of albums are selling. Mainstream music was easily their biggest resource. I plan to go develop in directions unheard of.

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