Aug 262011

Submit is Nathan Steadman, a producer and DJ born in the lush valley of Lumsden, Saskatchewan, currently based out of Regina, Saskatchewan. Submit has been DJing and producing tracks over 10 years, and currently holds residencies in various clubs in Regina. He loves Minimal Techno, European Electro, Drum n’ Bass, and Indie Rock, and his love for this music shines in his two releases for Pop Quiz, “That Which Came B4″ and his latest self-titled EP for Pop Quiz.

01. Are Rainbow
02. JJ – Let Them (Submit Remix)
03. Sea of Bee’s – Willis (Submit Remix)
04. Bird and the Bee – Lalala (Submit to the Ceiling Edit)
05. Pagan Proxy
06. Severed Dreamer
07. Broken Ocean
08. Abductee

All tracks and remixes by Nathan Steadman.

Cover Art by Jon Vaughn.

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