Jeremy Kiss

May 312017





Booji Bomb – Live at Carnegie Hall
Pop Quiz 095
May 30 2017

01. Open Up Shop
02. Slumbers
03. Preachin for Freedom
04. Schlubconscious
05. Chump Comfy
06. Voidoid
07. Something
08. Tomo

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All music by Jeremy Kiss aka Booji Bomb. (
Photo by Will Kaufhold. (
Mastered by Bennett Dobni (

Booji Bomb – Live at Cassette Launch Party at AKA/Paved Events Space, May 2017.


Aug 262011

Booji Bomb a.k.a. Jeremy Kiss is a composer, performer and producer from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan previously of the duo, Unikron: On! (Pop Quiz 050, Pop Quiz 054) with Waverace a.k.a. Liam Anthony Hart. Booji Bomb is the very individualist and personal sound of Jeremy Kiss. Endless melodic journeys and experiments create a fun and merry musical romp that makes one dance like a crazy person! A perfect soundtrack for getting in a great mood. Check him out!

01. Barn Burner
02. Indiglo Gruuvo
03. Timetakers Taking Time Taking Time
04. Octiron
05. Oof!
06. Rick & Raoul
07. Dreme Junction
08. Skollton
09. Skellton
10. Skullton

All compositions by Jeremy Kiss.

Cover art by Jon Vaughn.