Aug 262011

Excalibur AKA Cal Lekwold is a producer and DJ currently based in Montreal, Quebec, but raised in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan with a close second home of Hell, Norway. Cal has a naturally uplifting vibe about himself and his music. His funky jammin’ track selection as a DJ, and his jackin’ rave-NRG productions make him a perfect representative for the Pop Quiz Label.

01. Jenga
02. Windows
03. You’re the Man

All tracks by Cal Lakevold.

Cover art by Jon Vaughn.

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Aug 262011

Booji Bomb a.k.a. Jeremy Kiss is a composer, performer and producer from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan previously of the duo, Unikron: On! (Pop Quiz 050, Pop Quiz 054) with Waverace a.k.a. Liam Anthony Hart. Booji Bomb is the very individualist and personal sound of Jeremy Kiss. Endless melodic journeys and experiments create a fun and merry musical romp that makes one dance like a crazy person! A perfect soundtrack for getting in a great mood. Check him out!

01. Barn Burner
02. Indiglo Gruuvo
03. Timetakers Taking Time Taking Time
04. Octiron
05. Oof!
06. Rick & Raoul
07. Dreme Junction
08. Skollton
09. Skellton
10. Skullton

All compositions by Jeremy Kiss.

Cover art by Jon Vaughn.

Aug 262011

Limbo aka Liam Brennand is a producer and DJ from Regina, SK known for his many releases on various labels including his own label Mmmph. Brennand has earned a reputation as a special and important electronic music producer through his endless experimentation and talent for perfecting artistic expression through programming. Pop Quiz has hosted his previous purely experimental releases as “Effort” (Pop Quiz 053, etc) and presents his first release under his main alias Limbo with “Disco Toybox”. It is an amazing collection of work that spans techno, IDM, funky and post-dubstep. Pop Quiz presents his work with the highest listening recommendation!

01. Dandelion Maze
02. Hello Cyclops
03. Must Destroy What’s Inside
04. Disco Toybox
05. Distant From Sealong

All songs by Liam Brennand

Cover art by Paul Bonnet

Aug 262011

01. NBOMe
02. Cut Bones
03. Dno What
04. Just Don’t Leave
05. Lady 80 / Tynnu’n ôl
06. Fxymthxy

All songs composed by Lennie Budgell

All vocal tracks by Lennie Budgell

Cover Art by:

Front –

Original Photo By GlassGhost

Creation II

Image modifications / alterations by Sublingual (Lennie Budgell)


Back –

Original Photo by MightyMoss

SAM Remix at the sculpture park

Image modifications / alterations by Sublingual (Lennie Budgell)



Creative Commons licence –

If you feel like remixing any of the songs not for profit then let me know and I am more than happy to help you get the tracks you need to do so.

contact: lbudgell [at] gmail [dot] com

One more thing…please upload this album to any torrent site you wish and soul seek it and p2p it and drop box it with your friends. Sharing is caring.


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