Sep 122007

The wonderful DJ Tapenga has graced us with his debut on Pop Quiz, “Dance Mix 95”. Tapenga has recorded for such labels as Non Capable Recordings, Village Tapes, Purple Tapes & Amp Nowhere. His band Milkhorse was featured in Jessica Rylan’s (Can’t) curated series in the Deathbomb Arc tape club in 2006. For Pop Quiz, Tapenga presents “A1ff8” and “dancemix95”; two deep, noisy and monolithic stoner anthems perfect for coming down after a crazy rave…;) Supporting his chum is Trancer with two remixes, coaxing Tapenga’s warm grunge into a spacey dubminimal groover and an awkward and wobbly technoid bouncer; sure to bust a few brain cells most notably at high volumes! 😉


1.      Tapenga – A1ff8 4.09
2.     Tapenga – A1ff8 (Tancer’s space dub remix) 5.06
3.     Tapenga – Dancemix95 6.03
4.     Dancemix95 (Trancer’s 95 drums remix) 6.48

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