Sep 132007

Trancer’s debut single on POp QUiz!#@!::: Awakenings ::: Trancer begins his journey to the heart of the rave by a trip into the birthplace of techno, the soul! Trancer is known for a copious amount of DJ mixes he’s published on his mix label “Warriors of the Wasteland”. This label was preceded by his other mix label “Legs ‘n’ Booty”, which ceased operations in 2005 and was reborn through “Warriors of the Wasteland”. Pop Quiz’s first ep by the esteemed DJ this time with his own productions is an introduction to the persona of Trancer; a playful yet mysteriously sorrowful creature filled with secrets of ancient worlds of mysticism yet possessed by a complicated, addictive, and hopelessly romantic earthly spirit. Begin the journey into Trancer’s realm, awaken into his world of jubilance, madness and exquisite sadness.


01.                 Trancer – Awakenings (Original Mix)6.38
02.                 Trancer – Awakenings (Beats Mix)6.49
03.                 Trancer – Awakenings (Acid Mix)3.51
04.                 Trancer – Awakenings (Bedtime mix)3.55

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