Aug 122011

The second and final chapter of Trancer sees the day of light and returns to the darkness, thus completing his mission. Concluding his DJ mixology with “Happy Trails”, “Hidden Treasure” is a glimpse into the sensitive and precious world of Trancer. Composing poetry through beats such as “Fairy Dust” prances daintily through bubbling glimmering synths and bouncing bass. Concluding the EP is a remix for Vitaminsforyou (a long term peer and sonic mentor) that pushes past the 8 minute mark keeping the trancers pulsing till dawn. As the Trancer returns to the realm of darkness, he is taken possession of by the lord Dreamaniac, who has decided to step out to continue in his honour and continue even further into the worlds of music creating remixes and tracks for future Pop Quiz releases. Thanks to all the trancers out there, never stop!

01. Fairy Dust

02. Thunder Struck

03. Veils

04. Vitaminsforyou – One Nite Stand (Trancer’s Morning Mix)


All tracks produced by Jon Vaughn

“One Nite Stand” is an original track by Bryce Kushnier, courtesy of Vitaminsforyou.

Cover art by Jon Vaughn

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  1. nice cover nice jams

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