Dreamaniac is the successor to the throne of Trancer, Jon Vaughn’s techno/EDM project, or character, if you will. The roots of Trancer were founded around 1989 when Vaughn was first introduced to the music of Technotronic, followed by favourite hip hop acts like Maestro Fresh Wes. Before Vaughn had any equipment to produce electronic rhythms, he attempted to create a hip hop dance album on tape with his brother and simulate scratching sounds with puddles of water on the linoleum bathroom of his family’s house. Ten years later, Vaughn emerged as a DJ in addition to being an experimental composer, performer, and visual artist. At this time, Vaughn also began his own dance music productions; producing under a variety of names such as Drawn Fawn, Jammy Jollies, and DJ Dwayne Vain. It wasn’t until the Trancer emerged in late 2005/early 2006 that his productions took on a more serious tone and went from being tongue-in-cheek experiments with the dance genre to real grooving music. Still experimental sounding, yet anchored in basslines and pulsating tempos, Trancer debuted with “Awakenings” on Pop Quiz in 2006.  This was followed by numerous remixes but only recently finally following up with “Hidden Treasure”, his second and last EP as Trancer. Already in 2009, Vaughn began to tire of the techno-trance persona and yearned for a more eclectic approach, incorporating more genres. This is when Vaughn began to realize the time for Trancer had passed and that this character was returning to a realm of darkness and solitude, only to be utilized occasionally and strategically, but as the grand over-arching persona and ‘lord’ of this world of techno-characters: the Dreamaniac.

In 2011, Vaughn begins to debut the music of Dreamaniac, with a tight and dark techno club remix of Castle If’s “Music for Pale People” and a crunked up steppin’ hip hop remix for Rude’s “Rushing Into Romance”.  Stay tuned for more genre-defining and defying releases as the Dreamaniac will conjure new worlds of sound without hesitation, with mania!!!

Dreamaniac – Jolly Jamz [Pop Quiz 069]

Dreamaniac-Jolly_Jamz by Pop_Quiz

Rude – Rushing Into Romance [Pop Quiz 58]

Castle If – CUT [Pop Quiz 057]

Trancer – Hidden Treasure [Pop Quiz 056]

Nuthre & Vaughn – Human Torch [Pop Quiz 055]

Hot Slander – Desperate 4 U [Pop Quiz 54]

Various Artists – Party Jammin’ Vol. 1 [Pop Quiz 050]

Y2lhen – Dance Theory [Pop Quiz 046]

Trancer – Awakenings [Pop Quiz 042]

Tapenga – Dance Mix 95 [Pop Quiz 041]

DJ Mixes



Dreamaniac – House Geist – Mix (Warriors of the Wasteland #40)
Recorded and Mixed Live by Jon Vaughn September 29 2011

Dreamaniac-House Geist by Dreamaniac

Dreamaniac – Infrastrux – Mix (Warriors of the Wasteland #39)
Recorded and Mixed Live by Jon Vaughn February 2011

Dreamaniac – Town That Dreaded Comedown – Mix (Warriors of the Wasteland #37)
Recorded and Mixed Live by Jon Vaughn July 2010



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