Dec 142007

Y2lhen is a young producer from Saskatoon, SK, Canada, known for his phenomenal performances at Sweet Show 1+2+3, Pop Quiz Party Jam 1+2 & MN8 raves and his albums for Dex and the City Records and Severed Digit Recordings. Y2lhen’s first record for Pop Quiz takes the modern raver on an adventure through hard rockin’ electroid bombs (“Moufy Sod”, “Wize Man”, “Surefire”), wet, bubbly groovin’ tunes (“Serious Baby Candy Child”, “Fire Cracker”, “The Shadow”) and heavenly idm rollers (“A Search Is On”, “So Begins A Journey”). This eclectic epic is also supported by two gnarly remixes by Rylan (Pop Quiz 047) that tranforms the “The Shadow” into cooraaazy poundin’ hardstyle and Trancer who sublimates “Surefire” into an angelic minimal anthem.

Perhaps no one says it better than Y2lhen himself:
“Turn up the speakers. Turn up the bass and dance your face off” !!!!!!

01. Moufy Sod 5:06
02. Wize Man 4:16
03. Serious Baby Candy Child 6:22
04. Firecracker 4:31
05. A search is on 4:14
06. So Begins A Journey 3:11
07. Surefire 7:06
08. Cyanescen 7:37
09. The Shadow 5:47
10. The Shadow (rylans mix) 4:36
11. Surefire (Trancers Mix) 7:25

All tracks by Y2lhen 2006-2007
Rylan and Trancer’s mixes 2007
Cover Art by Jon Vaughn
Remastered by Rylan

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