Jul 022010

Returning to and improving on his 8bit/idm roots, Y2lhen comes on strong with a splendor of rich melodies and dynamic drums. ‘Timeless’ electronica for any generation! Enjoy!

Y2lhen – Space Wolves [Pop Quiz 051] July 2010

Download full album and cover art (zip)

1. Oydessy <start> 2’34”

2. Elf Spice 4’40”

3. Pinecone 5’37”

4. Star Girl 4’34”

5. 4th Density 6’15”

6. King of Shadow 6’10”

7. Pyramids of Nibiru 5’06”

8. Anunnaki Chase 4’19”

9. Space Wolves 6’10”

10. Odyssey <end> 2’19”


Produced by Lennie Budgell, 2008-2009

‘Space Wolves’ painting by Christi Tuck

Other artwork/design by Jon Vaughn


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