Y2lhen AKA Lennie Budgell is an 8bit / Breaks / Dance music producer from Saskatoon SK. Starting off his musical production with nothing more then a psp running LSDJ he began experimenting and creating chip tunes.Before moving into the sometimes considered “fake” world of making chip tunes with modern computers he released 2 albums made with LSDJ and they were released on Servered Digit Records.

After being shown software called Buzz Tracker Y2lhen was Buzzed 4 lyfe. With the new abilities and control Buzz Tracker provided Y2lhen began to learn how a break beat worked. He then mashed up chip sounds with abstract samples of a cult leader and dirty fast sampled cut up breaks to produce a 8bit / breakcore / breaks album entitled Jonestown Breakdown. This was released on Dex and the City records and won Y2lhen a number of more fans.

Live shows became a moshing dance party of cult like chants and praises and most ended up with people surrounding the young producer until there
was very little room to perform which made for a hype environment but also a lot of equipment being knocked over / unplugged however the energy outweighed the slight technical difficulties.

Wanting to make a more straight forward dance album next Y2lhen got to work on his fourth full length album entitled Dance Theory which when finished was released on POP QUIZ!!! records. The style change up for most every new album provided a way for Y2lhen to gain more fans and a variety of types of shows and events to play at. Dance theory brought the bangers to get the feet movin.

Y2lhen’s latest work in which he got back to the chip sounds came out in 2010 on POP QUIZ!!! records and is entitled space wolves. It took most of the
previous styles of older albums and mixed them with the traditional pounding dance sounds of the classic games to make a room dance to the beat all night long. A sound that Y2lhen had been trying to nail for quite awhile had finally been found with space wolves and it really clicked. Soaring melodies, square bass lines and noise channels mixed with bass kicks and snares proved to be a winning combo of sound that although had been done many times before by others felt near perfect for the sounds once only wondered about by Y2lhen.

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